Blogging Challenge #7

Popular Clothing in the United States:

Right now, some of the popular brands in my area of California are Lululemon for yoga pants, Brandi Melville, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Hollister, Nike, American Eagle, Pac Sun, Nordstrom, and Free People. We also wear a lot of adidas, converses, and vans sneakers. Some of the styles are crop tops, off the shoulder tops, and casual and comfy outfits like Ugg boots and yoga pants.

2015-11-06 WVB | UofA vs USaskInsert Magazine Vol 109 Fashion365_038Trainers by Fashion Pills

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These are the major fashion styles of today in the United States.


My Dream Vacation


Every summer I travel with my family to exotic destinations around the world. I’ve been to France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and Brazil. I’ve visited the oldest rainforest in the world, the great barrier reef, the Eiffel tower, the leaning tower of Pisa, and many more famous world landmarks. But, one place I have not been and still want to visit is Indonesia. I would visit Bali, exploring Hindu temples and diving into the warm tropical waters. I would see the National museums treasures in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. I would tour Bandung’s architecture and volcanos. I would swim in the coral reefs on the Island of Lombok and lay on the beautiful beaches of the Bintan Island. I would immerse myself in the art and culture of Yogyakarta. In Ubud, I would journey through the ancient temples and Balinese crafts. I would wander about in the colonial old town of the coastal capital, Padang. I would visit all the beaches, mountains, volcanos, islands, shops, and culture that is hidden within the gem of the ocean, Indonesia.



Summer Dreams


This is the rough draft of a poem I wrote about missing summer. #16stubc

Summer Dreams

by: Madison


I sit on the edge

of a rusting park bench,

watching the wind

carry the leaves away

like little dreams

twinkling in the sun.

The crunch of

mans footsteps,

heavy and deep,

on the new frost

the sky has wept.

But out of the frozen valleys,

a seed burrows,

blossoming like new found hope.

Visions of beaches full of sand,

ice cream trucks swarmed by children,

golden rays of sun beaming down,

letting its arms spread around me

with warmth and happiness.

While cotton candy clouds

cast shadows on me,

a longing swells

of something just beyond the bend.

If only time could move faster,

I could finally live my

summer dreams.



Blogging Challenge #2.5

For the 2016 blogging challenge, students were put in groups based on age. I decided to reach out and comment on other people’s blogs:

  1. I noticed another one of the girls in my age group also listed softball as one of her interests. I commented on her post about copyrighting with an image of a softball and commented, “Dear Leigha, I noticed that on the student blogging challenge for 2016 we are in the same group. We are both 14 and like to play softball! I was wondering what team you play for and how often you play? What is your favorite position? I hope that we can be friends online, you can visit my blog at Hope to hear from you soon, Madison.”
  2. As I was looking through my age group, I saw one of many girls that also had a love for not only softball but art. I looked on her page and read her About Me page. I noticed that we had a bunch of similarities and commented, “Dear Taylor, I am also part of the student blogging challenge. I noticed that we share a lot of similarities. I also am athletic, artistic, intelligent, organized, unique, eat a lot of plain food, and love to play softball! I loved how your voice really came through in this post. What position do you like to play in softball? I hope we can talk soon, if you want to visit my blog, my URL is Hope to talk to you soon, Madison.”
  3. Scrolling through the list, I noticed a girl that like to hang out with friends and I thought that I would share some similarities with her. Reading her posts, I really liked her about me page and how she was writing her own story. I thought that was really cool, so I commented, “Dear Emmalie, I am a part of the 2016 student blogging challenge too! I really love how your post showed your personality. I also love to write stories and wear my hair down or in a ponytail. I was wondering what your story is about? If you want to learn more about me, here is my URL… Hope to talk to you soon, Madison.”
  4. For my final comment, I noticed a girl that liked basketball and volleyball like me. I was looking at her posts, and noticed a really touching memory about her brother. I decided to comment on it and learn more about her, “Dear Kinzie, I really liked your memory! It was really sweet and empowering. I am also a part of the 2016 student blogging challenge. I was wondering if you do a lot of writing? I also noticed that you stated that you liked basketball and volleyball. I like both of those sports to. I was wondering if you play other sports as well? If you want to visit my blog, my URL is… Hope to talk to you soon, Madison.”

These are the comments I have been leaving on other people’s blogs.



Student Blogging Challenge #2

In the book Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, in chapter two introduces us to different characters. One description of the other men is “these shelves were loaded with little articles, soap and talcum powder, razors, and those Western magazines ranch men love to read and scoff at and secretly believe.” (pg. 16) This shows that these men only have what they need to live and these magazines. The magazines tell us that they still have hope and optimism that times will get better. After they arrive at their beds, the old swamper describes the guy who lived their before. “This here blacksmith-name of Whitney-was the kind of guy that would put that stuff around even if there wasn’t no bugs.” “And if there was a red splotch on an egg, he’d scrape it off. That’s the kinda he was-clean. Used ta dress up Sundays when he wasn’t going no place, put on a necktie even.” (pg. 19) This guy left this place due to the poor conditions. This shows how people who are extra careful with being clean don’t belong in this place. Compared to the other guys who only pack what they need and are compliant to the boss. When George, one of the two main characters, is finally satisfied with the bed, he “unrolled his bindle and put things on the shelf, his razor and bar of soap, his comb and bottle of pills, his liniment and leather wristband.” (pg.19) This shows that George has some of the same items as his bunk mates and only packs what he needs. These show two different personalities at the ranch.

-Madison Morrison

A Warrior’s Heel


Here is my imitation of Work Boots: Still Life by Jim Daniels


A Warrior’s Heel

By: Madison M.


Underneath the medieval chandelier

heeled combat boots linger in the corner.

Unraveling stitches outlining curves

and navy laces bend

like the spine of a playing girl

trying to hold herself up.

The zipper sealed loosely like the eyelids

of a person too drained to keep them awake

an eye awaiting tomorrow’s adventures.

The form-fitting heel exposes

a clunky boot heel

a peek of the assurance of sturdiness and height

the assurance of confidence and the walk of battles yet to pass.